Rules Of Dubai Garden Glow

Rules & Regulations in Dubai Garden Glow

Garden Glow is a popular attraction magnetizing over a million visitors every month for an absolutely amazing experience that it serves. But, before you visit the place and dive into its glowing and fairy tale-like aesthetics here are explained certain Dubai Garden Glow rules to be kept in mind during your exploration.

General Rules: Cooperate the garden authorities in managing the crowds by making proper use of passages, walkaways and exits and make your own journey more convenient. The visitors are requested to drape attires covering whole or most of their bodies. While enjoying the glow world, don't forget to take care of your itmes and luggage. As per Dubai Garden Glow rules, the authorities of the garden won’t be responsible for retrieving the lost, stolen or damaged items.

Safety Instructions: To make the journey safe for yourself as well as others, pay attention to all the safety related rules of Garden Glow in Dubai. Look out at the posted instructions, listen to the keepers reiterating verbal instructions as well as the ones by the security personnel. To keep the safety of guests, enclosed cars, scooters, bicycles, hoverboards and balls are restricted in the premises of the park. Guests facing any sort of damage due to their own negligence of following the safety instructions, the garden won’t be responsible for such damage.

Timings: The Dubai Garden Glow stays open Sunday to Friday from 5 PM to 11 PM. While on national holidays and Saturdays, it is open 5 PM to 12 AM. The last entry to the Dubai Garden Glow is permitted till 10 PM which means you have to arrive on or before 10 PM. It is suggested that you check the Garden Glow park schedule in advance of your visit. As, the park may temporarily close performances and attractions for maintenance or safety reasons, or amend the park schedule at any time.

Food and Drinks: Since outside food and beverages are prohibited on park property, visitors are not permitted to enter the park carrying outside food or beverages. As per the rules of Dubai Garden Glow, smoking inside the park is not permitted. It is thus requested of visitors to observe the non-smoking areas.

Unveiling the Magic of Dubai Glow Garden

Immerse Yourself in the Magic of Dubai Glow Garden

Step into a world of enchantment at Dubai Glow Garden, a truly magical place that ignites the imagination. As the sun sets, this captivating garden transforms into a realm of vibrant lights and captivating displays. Stroll through a symphony of colors and shapes as you discover intricate light sculptures, luminous installations, and immersive exhibits that transport you to a dreamlike dimension. Every corner exudes a sense of wonder and awe, making it a perfect destination for families, couples, and friends seeking an unforgettable experience. Dubai Glow Garden showcases the remarkable fusion of technology and artistry, crafting an otherworldly atmosphere where reality blends with fantasy. Amidst the captivating play of lights and shadows, Dubai Glow Garden invites you to lose yourself in the magic, leaving you with memories that glow long after your visit.

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FAQ's of Dubai Garden Glow

Which are the major attractions to visit in Dubai Garden Glow?

Glow Park- Fabricated with thousands of handmade lights the park puts up the soties of a large size frog playing violin and many others. The entrancing beauty of the glowing tulip large size flowers would surely remind of the fairy tales and create an everlasting impression on you. The shows at the park are divided into three shows; show 1 taking through the wonders of the world. The show 2 spreading awareness on nature and conservation and at last show 3 unveiling a magical underwater journey.

Dinosaur Park Dubai- Welcome yourself on a night date with the largest prehistoric creatures that roar and attract kids instead of shoving them off with their pointed teeths. The only condition of the date is to pay dire attention to the Rules of Garden Glow in dubai while interacting with the creatures coming from the age of Jurrasic, Cretaceous and Triassic.

Ice Park Dubai- The zone takes you in the Frozen world of Elessa where visitors would be amazed by the craftsmanship. Here, are showcased the captivating versions of wildlife merged together by the blend of art and nature. As per Dubai Garden Glow Rules currently the park is closed for maintenance purposes.

Art Park Dubai- The sustainable piece of art, this section is where big raging bulls, colourful swans, a king cobra, a panda, etc., are created with tiny recyclable glass bottles. The ‘colour of the life’ park spreads different notes of happiness, cultural values by putting up pieces. These pieces are created by recycled materials used in the park are glass vials, porcelain ware, plastic bottles and 1000 CDs.

Magic Park Dubai- Explore the surprises of the magics through 25 fun exhibits and 3D artworks depicting the art of science. The park is an optimum place to feel the optical illusions.

Where is Dubai Garden Glow located?

The Garden Glow park is located at Zabeel Park, Gate No- 6 & 7 Area - B - Dubai - United Arab Emirates. It’s a stroll away from gate no. 6 or 7 of Zabeel Park.

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How long does it take to explore Dubai Garden Glow?

The different shows and parks at the garden would consume around 3 hours.

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How far is Dubai Garden Glow from the airport?

Dubai Garden Glow is at a distance of 10 km from Dubai Internaional Airport. It takes around 10 mintues to reach the park from the airport.

Which are the dining options available in Dubai Garden Glow ?

No, there are no specific restaurants available inside the premises of the park but several food courts are stalled to satisfy food cravings of fast food as well as street style authentic tradiotnal arabic food.

Are there any restaurants inside Dubai Garden Glow?

No, there are no specific restaurants available inside the premises of the park but several food courts are stalled to satisfy food cravings of fast food as well as street style authentic tradiotnal arabic food.

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How can I reach Dubai Garden Glow?

To reach Dubai Garden Glow, you can follow these two steps:

  • By Metro- Get down at the Al Jafiliya Metro Station on the Red Line of Dubai Metro which is the nearest station to Zabeel Park.
  • By Bus- Jump in any bus running over the route no. 10, 27, 32C, 55 and 91 A and make a stop near the gate no. 6 or 7 of the park. Gold Souq Bus Station, Ghubaiba Bus Station, and Satwa Bus Station are the nearest bus stations to the zabeel park.

How much time required to see Dubai Glow Garden?

On average, visitors spend 1 to 2 hours at Dubai Glow Garden.

What are the tips to visit Dubai Garden Glow?

  • As per Dubai Garden Glow rules, wear fully or partially covering clothes suitable for the weather and the cold as the shows are arranged in the night hours.
  • Try to schedule your visit such that you reach the premises in the evening hours just as when the park is opened. It would allow you sufficient time to explore the different zones at the park at leisure.
  • Put on comfortable shoes as you would be required to walk a lot in the premises and to stay hydrated carry a water bottle along.
  • Don’t forget to carry enough cash as the park doesn’t have the facility of banks or ATMs.
  • Don’t carry extra luggage as the garden doesn’t offer the facility of cloakers.
  • To ensure a safe journey follow the instructed rules of Garden Glow in Dubai by safety personnel.

Are there any rules or guidelines visitors should be aware of?

Yes, there are certain rules of Dubai Garden Glow that visitors should be aware of. For starters, those who are discovered to be misbehaving or posing a threat to park property may be asked to leave by the park’s management. You cannot enter the park with a car, scooter, bicycle, hoverboard, or ball. It is mandatory for guests to always dress respectfully. The Park does not permit visitors to bring food from outside and also prohibits smoking. Pets and animals are also not permitted inside as part of the rules of Dubai Garden Glow. 

Are there any age restrictions for visiting Dubai Garden Glow?

No, there are no age restrictions on people who want to visit Dubai Garden Glow Park. It is appropriate for families with children as well as individuals of all ages.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

No, as per rules of Dubai Garden Glow you cannot bring outside food of any kid inside the park. This is due to the fact that outside food and beverages are not permitted within the park. However for your comfort, Dubai Garden Glow Park has several eateries that serve a range of cuisines.

Is smoking allowed in Dubai Garden Glow?

No smoking is strictly prohibited in Dubai Garden Glow, thus visitors must abide by the non-smoking zones. As a fire safety step, smoking is not allowed in the Park because it has decorations, lighting displays, and other things that could catch fire.

Are pets allowed in Dubai Garden Glow?

No, pets or animals are not permitted at Dubai Garden Glow. Since the park is known for large light displays, theme parks, and performance spaces, there are pet-restricted regulations. These regulations are in place for a variety of reasons, including guest comfort, safety, and hygiene.


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