Facts About Dubai Glow Garden

Dubai Glow Garden Facts

Boasting some of the most interesting facts, the intriguing theme park of Dubai Garden Glow is a unique and popular attraction. The captivating park combines art, technology, and enchanting illumination to create a truly magical experience for travellers of all age groups. Located in the heart of Dubai, this one-of-a-kind destination showcases a vast array of larger-than-life sculptures and structures, all beautifully adorned with mesmerising lights and vibrant colours.

As per the facts about Dubai Glow Garden, the whimsical world of lights features four amazing themes that are all woven in cutting edge technology, sustainable methodologies and other artistic creations to captivate you. With unforgettable artistic delights, optical illusions and geometrical figures you can surely visit the Magic Park in the Dubai Garden Glow. In addition you can admire the works of 500 artisans, architects and technicians who have designed the park with wonders throughout. Ranging from nature and wildlife to fantasy and fairy tales, you can indulge in the visual treat of the largest glow garden which has 10 million LED lights and the biggest dinosaur park in the world where you can encounter life-size dinosaur replicas brought to life through dazzling lighting effects. Marvel at the stunning displays of the Glow Park, where illuminated replicas of famous landmarks and larger-than-life sculptures await your attention. When planning a visit to Dubai Glow Garden, securing your Dubai Glow Garden tickets in advance is highly recommended. 

The Largest Glowing Garden Ever

Dubai Garden Glow is renowned as the world's largest glowing garden, boasting stunning installations that captivate visitors. Utilizing an astounding 10 million LED lights and eco-friendly materials, the park showcases various themes across all zones. This unique fusion of nature, art, and technology makes Dubai Glow Garden an unmissable destination for an enchanting and awe-inspiring experience

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Every Season Follows a Theme

Each year, Dubai Garden Glow unveils a new theme, making it an exciting annual event with mesmerizing light installations. Previous themes have focused on energy conservation, wildlife protection, waste management, and glowing safari. To enhance your visit, learn about these unique themes on our website for a truly immersive experience. Moreover, the attraction actively promotes sustainable practices, offering engaging activities for visitors to support eco-friendly initiatives.

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More Than 500 Engineers

Dubai Garden Glow, which opened in 2015, boasts unique and intricate installations that are the result of the expertise of over 500 engineers, architects, and craftsmen. These talented individuals work tirelessly to bring forward this captivating attraction, which visually creates magic. As per the numerous facts about the Dubai Garden Glow, the park is a feature of cutting-edge technology and sustainable materials that has been woven with creativity and environmental responsibility.

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It Uses Recyclable Materials

Dubai Garden Glow's commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in its use of recyclable materials. Every installation on display is made up of over 500,000 recycled materials, demonstrating the garden's dedication to preserving the environment. The garden uses eco-friendly practices in its operations, such as the use of solar energy to power its installations and the promotion of recycling and waste reduction techniques.

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More than just an artistic display

While Dubai Garden Glow is renowned for its stunning art installations, it is a perfect site which offers' Art by Day’ and ‘Glow by Night’. Apart from the visual displays, the 5 zones of the park makes it a holistic experience for all age groups like the 120 prehistoric creatures of different eras which look real or the eco-friendly displays of the Art park which offers different Notes of happiness, beliefs and identity, cultural values to create a heaven on earth.

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Admire the fun exhibits and 3D artworks at Magic Park

Delve into the enchanting illusions, geometric figures and other visual art depictions through its Magic Park Zone. You can easily be hypnotized by the optical effects, 3d art works and 25 exciting exhibits of the zone with your loved ones at the park.

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Largest Dinosaur themed park in the world

If you are wondering why one should visit the attraction, then this fact about Dinosaur Park Dubai will surely change your mind. With more than 120 animatronic dinosaurs from the eras of Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous, you can know and get a feel to witness these giant creatures.

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FAQ’s About Dubai Glow Garden

How many engineers, architects, and craftsmen are involved in creating the installations at Dubai Garden Glow?

According to the facts about Dubai Glow Garden, the Garden Glow is known for its stunning and intricate installations, which are the result of the expertise of over 500 engineers, architects, and craftsmen. These talented individuals use cutting-edge technology and sustainable materials to create visually stunning displays that are both eco-friendly and captivating.

What materials are used to create the art installations at Dubai Garden Glow?

The installations at Dubai Garden Glow are made up of over 500,000 different types of recycled materials, demonstrating the garden's commitment to environmental sustainability. The garden uses a variety of materials, including plastic cups, bottles, and plates, to create its installations.

What kind of attractions can visitors expect at Dubai Garden Glow?

Visitors to Dubai Garden Glow can expect to be mesmerized by a variety of attractions, including ice parks, dinosaur parks, glow parks, magical nights, and happy forest. These attractions are specifically themed and provide a unique and immersive experience for visitors of all ages.

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What eco-friendly practices are implemented at Dubai Garden Glow?

Dubai Garden Glow is committed to promoting sustainability and eco-friendly practices through its numerous exhibits and shows. You can learn about various techniques to solve the issue of global warming and carbon footprints via the energy-saving bulbs and recycled materials throughout. Additionally, the vibrant garden promotes recycling and waste reduction among its visitors and encourages them to adopt eco-friendly habits.

Is Dubai Garden Glow suitable for families?

Yes, Dubai Garden Glow is perfectly suitable for families with children of all ages. The garden offers a range of attractions specifically designed for kids, such as the dinosaur park and happy forest. The garden is also stroller-friendly, making it accessible for families with young children.

What are the Dubai Garden Glow opening hours?

The Dubai Garden Glow opening hours are from 5 PM to 11 PM on Sunday to Friday and 5 PM to 12 Midnight on Saturday & National Holidays. However, it is suggested that you check the time slots and facts about Dubai Glow Garden on our official website before booking your entry ticket to the attraction.

Are food and beverage options available at Dubai Garden Glow?

Yes, Dubai Garden Glow offers a variety of food and beverage street style options for an appetizing experience. From snacks like pizza, hot dogs and ice-creams to full meals with varying cuisines, you can relish in plenty of options. 


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