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  • Get ready to admire the enthralling unusual concepts at one of the largest unique parks of the world, which is home to 5 different themed parks that will ignite your imagination.
  • Mesmerise yourself at the brilliance of the world's largest glow-in-the-dark garden, adorned with 10 million energy-saving bulbs and recycled luminous fabric.
  • Explore one of the biggest Dinosaur parks of the world which showcases over 120 animatronic dinosaurs of Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous eras.
  • At the Art Park, enchant yourself with the different Happiness notes, cultural values, beliefs which represent the different colours of life.
  • Admire the intricate sculptures of wild animals created in ice, and captivate yourself at the beautiful amalgamation of art and nature.
  • With your Dubai Garden Glow tickets, you can enter the Magic Park which features scientific art and its 25 exhibits, 3D models, optical illusions and visual geometric forms. 


  • Admission to the Glow Garden
  • Admission to the Dinosaur Park
  • Admission to the Magic Garden
  • Admission to the Art Park

Glow Garden Entry Ticket
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Dubai Garden Glow: A Mesmerizing Garden of Lights

One of the major theme parks of the city, Glow Garden offers some spectacular and awe inspiring displays through its various zones and parks. Located in the heart of Dubai, it is spread across 40 acres of land and 5 different theme parks to give you an immersive and unique experience at this wonderland. You can stroll through the Glow, Ice, Magic, Art or Dinosaur Park and make it a worthy getaway with your loved ones to make some amazing memories.

Experience the vibrant light installations at the enormous Glow Park, which features over 10 million LED lights through its massive displays and installations. With your Dubai Garden Glow tickets, you can enter the dinosaur park, which features record breaking 120 animatronic dinosaurs from different ages for a thrilling and captivating experience. Walk into the Art Park to admire the eco-friendly exhibits made up of CDs, recycled bottles, ceramic dishes and more. 

In addition, Dubai Garden Glow ticket prices also allow you to wander through the other entertainment options like stage show, carnival rides and game stalls. Enjoy a holistic time with your family and loved ones, with a range of food and beverage options, optical illusions, and other mesmerising displays. You can book your Dubai Garden Glow tickets, to go to this must-visit destination that guarantees an enchanting experience filled with lights, colours, and fun for visitors of all ages.

Highlights Of Dubai Garden Glow Tickets

  • Indulge in a captivating experience of the "Art by Day" and "Glow by Night" at this significant attraction of Dubai, the Garden Glow. 
  • With its 25 impressive displays and unique 3D artworks, you can soak in the spellbinding attractions at the Magic Park. 
  • You can admire the innovative blend of art and technology through its various exhibits and impressive sculptures created by 10 million energy-saving LED bulbs at the world's largest glow in the dark garden. 
  • With your Dubai Garden Glow and Dinosaur Park tickets, you open the door to a captivating experience. Inside the Dinosaur Park, you'll encounter over 120 animatronic dinosaurs, transporting you to the depths of the ancient age in a mesmerizing journey.
  • The garden is a perfect example for edutainment and conservative approach, as it uses various recycled products like bottles, CDs and ceramic displays. 
  • Indulge in the enchanting beauty of intricately crafted ice sculptures depicting majestic wild animals at the Ice Park, which is currently under maintenance.  
  • Glow Garden Dubai ticket price allows you to wander through the 5 theme parks in addition to the exquisite events and shows taking place inside the garden. 

Why Book Garden Glow Tickets From Us?

Best Deals And Discounts: Book your Dubai Garden Glow tickets to enjoy the amazing attraction at a budgeted price and reap in the great available discounts. With the online in advance booking from our website, you can club other attractions and combo deals in Dubai Garden Glow ticket prices.

Purchase Skip-the-line Tickets: Opt for a skip the line Dubai Garden Glow tickets online, to have direct access to the Garden. You can get a speedy entry, so you don’t waste your precious time, waiting in long queues and missing out on other attractions. 

Book Your Tickets in Advance: You can book your Dubai Garden Glow tickets in advance to avoid last-minute hassles for ticket availability. In addition, you can also skip the long queues amongst the crowd by the walk-in counters and enjoy your tour with your loved ones. 

Convenience: With the easy interface and 24/7 assistance you can indulge in the great Dubai Garden Glow ticket offers. Book the tickets from the comfort of your homes and getaway from the hustle of being in lines to purchase your admission tickets. 

Know Before You visit Dubai Garden Glow

Location & Timings
How to Reach
Best Time to Visit
Tips to Visit


  • Zabeel Park, Gate No- 6 & 7 Area - B - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Opening hours

  • Sunday to Friday 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
  • Saturday and National Holidays 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Wondering how to get to Dubai Garden Glow, you can follow these directions:

  • By Metro: Get down at the Al Jafiliya Metro Station, the nearest station on the Red Line of Dubai Metro which is 1 km away from the Dubai Garden Glow.
  • By Bus: Hop on the bus no. 21, 27, 29, 88, 98E, X28 and X92, to reach the nearest stop of the World Trade Centre Hotel, which is 2.2 km away from the attraction and takes close to 15 minutes to walk to Dubai Garden Glow.
  • By Car: Reach the city centre of Deira, and embark on a journey towards the attraction, which is 9km away via E11 route.

Detailed about: How to Reach

The best time to visit Dubai Garden Glow would be during the winter months, from from October to March, which makes it the best time to visit the attraction. Because of the large number of tourists, during this time you can prefer to stroll through the attraction with your Dubai Garden Glow ticket, during the weekdays for the best experience. 

In terms of hours, Dubai Garden glow time is flexible you can enter the garden in the evening hours during the sunset, to take in the best views of the various themed parks inside. The Garden Glow offers some amazing installations, exhibits which can be enjoyed much better in the dim sunlight, as the glittering visual aesthetics are the most enchanting and appealing. You can make the most out of your visit by booking these memorable attractions well in advance to get to enter the garden at this best time.

Detailed about: Best time to visit

  • Restrooms: You can go on a smooth excursion, with hygienic restroom facilities for all genders. 
  • Dining: Savour the mouth watering delicacies from the eatery joints and kiosks, that are featured inside the attraction.  
  • Wheelchairs: All the people with special needs can enter the park premises, with proper designated walkways and wheelchair accessible paths for convenience.

  • Parking Facilities:

  • Zabeel Parking: Zabeel Parking, the nearest garage, where you can park your vehicles to enjoy the smooth experience of the park. 
  • Parking Sheikh Rashid Tower: If you are a fitness freak, and want to lose some extra calories before entering into the Dubai Garden Glow, you can opt for Parking Sheikh Rashid Tower to park your vehicles. Situated about 2 km away from the destination, you can walk to the attraction which will take about 25 minutes, to explore what Dubai Garden Glow offers.

 Here are some tips to visit to Dubai Garden Glow:

  • It is recommended to use indicative passages and exits as per the staff members of the garden. 
  • As per Dubai Garden Glow rules, wear fully or partially covering clothes suitable for the weather and the cold as the shows are arranged in the night hours.
  • Try to schedule your visit such that you reach the premises in the evening hours just as when the park is opened. It would allow you sufficient time to explore the different zones at the park at leisure. 
  • Put on comfortable shoes as you would be required to walk a lot in the premises and to stay hydrated carry a water bottle along. 
  • Don’t forget to carry enough cash as the park doesn’t have the facility of banks or ATMs.  
  • To ensure a safe journey follow the instructed rules of Garden Glow in Dubai by safety personnel. 
  • Make sure you have explored all the sections as per your ticket as re-entry is not allowed. Travellers aged below 3 years can enter for free. 
  • It is recommended to indulge in professional shoots after a prior permission from the authorities. You can frame your pre wedding engagements, modelling, TV ads and more. 
  • Please make sure, you do not carry any drinks or eatables from outside. 
  • Animals/pets are not allowed inside the space.

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Attractions at Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is located in Zabeel Park. Glow is the world's first themed garden, consisting of five distinct zones: Glow Park, Art Park, Dinosaur Park, Magic Park and Ice Park. Over 10 million energy-saving light bulbs and yards of repurposed luminous materials are used to illuminate the park's brilliant installations and sculptures produced by artists from around the world.

Glow Park

The main highlight of Dubai Garden Glow is undoubtedly the Glow Park. This amazing park ranks as the largest glow-in-the-dark garden in the whole world, owing to the use of around 10 million LED lights. As you explore its diverse zones, each with its unique theme, you will be completely immersed in a world of wonder and amazement. In the Glow Park, you can see models of Dubai’s architectural marvels, all of which are illuminated with dazzling light displays, creating an awe-inspiring visual spectacle. 

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Dinosaur Park

The Dinosaur Park is one of the most popular attractions at Dubai Garden Glow, as it takes you on a journey back in time. Here, the past comes alive with more than 120 animatronic dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. These lifelike giants also move and roar like real dinosaurs, making it an exciting and educational experience for visitors of all ages. Additionally, you can get up close and personal with the world of these ancient creatures, from witnessing their eggs to gaining insights about excavation. 

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Ice Park

While the Ice Park is still under construction, it is already a big hit among visitors. Upon its completion, this unique park will showcase the incredible skills of artists and technical experts. Get ready to be spellbound by magnificent ice sculptures and intricate, scaled-down versions of wildlife. The Ice Park promises to be a must-visit attraction, where art and nature come together to offer a cool and artistic experience.

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Magic Park

Get ready to be delighted in Magic Park, where reality takes on a fun twist. Your adventure begins in the Upside Down Room, where gravity seems to play tricks on your senses, creating mind-boggling moments that are perfect for capturing photos and videos. Take a plunge into Kaleidoscope, a fantastic world of vibrant colours and intricate patterns that provide endless opportunities for captivating visuals. The Magical Forest in Magic Park is an immersive environment, filled with lifelike scenes and 3D wild animals. Here, you can feel like stepping into real wilderness. When you secure your Dubai Garden Glow Tickets, you gain access to this realm of optical illusions, 3D art, and captivating visual effects.

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Art Park

Enter the wonderful Art Park adorned with eco-friendly artistry, handmade arts and different realms of imagination. One of the major attractions of Art Park, here the Dubai Garden Glow offers beautiful exhibits prepared by recycled materials like CDs, ceramic displays and bottles. Stroll through the park to enchant your loved ones with the meticulous detailings and exquisite use of technology.

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Dubai Garden Glow's Spectacular Glow Park"

Dubai's Mesmerizing Garden of Light

Amidst Dubai's urban hustle and bustle, a unique attraction known as the Dubai Garden Glow takes you on a journey like no other. It is a place where you can see a spectacular blend of art, technology, fantasy, and nature. This dazzling display is ranked as the largest glow-in-the-dark garden in the whole world. It has also been constructed using eco-friendly and recycled materials, in addition to recycled fabrics and around 10 million energy-saving LED lights. 

Here, you can go back into a fantastic realm at the Dinosaur Park, where you can discover more than 100 animatronic dinosaurs. This zone in the garden mixes prehistoric wonders with modern-day charm. A newly opened Ice Park, crafted from over 5,000 tons of ice, offers you respite from the heat of the desert. It is also a beautiful contrast to the warm, glowing premises of the garden. Dubai Garden Glow is more than just a beautiful and unique garden. It is also an ode to sustainable living and takes you to a world of colours and fascination amid the desert. 

Facts of Dubai Garden Glow

Read the Interesting facts about Dubai Garden Glow:

  • Spanning across approximately 40 acres, this extraordinary attraction boasts over 30 captivating installations that will leave you in awe. 
  • With the Polar climate across the whole of the park, you will get to admire the animal sculptures beautifully crafted by snow in the ice park. 
  • Enchant yourself with the top notch glow-in-the-dark garden, where art, synchronizations, installations are displayed with modern technologies. 
  • The luminescent artworks are created using 10 million LED light bulbs, which save a lot of energy and thus makes the iconic Dubai Garden Glow ticket a must book option. 
  • One of the biggest Dinosaur Park of the world, has 120 plus animatronics dinosaurs, which move and create noise to make a wonderful sight to watch.

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Restaurants Near Garden Glow Dubai

Dubai Garden Glow is a popular tourist attraction located in Zabeel Park, Dubai. If you are looking for restaurants near Dubai Garden Glow, you will find a wide range of options to suit all tastes and budgets. Here are some restaurants near Garden Glow Dubai:

The Farm

Experience a tranquil dining experience at The Farm, located 23.5 km away from Dubai Garden Glow. Enjoy farm-to-table cuisine with fresh ingredients and a scenic outdoor setting of lakes, waterfronts and vast gardens. You can indulge in Thai cuisine the speciality of this amazing restaurants.

Farzi Café

Offering a modern twist on Indian cuisine, Farzi Café is a vibrant restaurant located 6 km afar from the Dubai Garden Glow on the city’s walkway. Indulge in innovative dishes and unique flavours that will delight your taste buds.

Operation Falafel

One of the significant hubs for street food, with a casual dining, the Operation Falafel offers Arabic cuisine with a theme of ‘revival and survival’. You can savour the old-street flavours with a fusion of 21st century at this restaurant which is 7.4 km away from Dubai Garden Glow. Delight in their mouth watering falafel wraps and flavorful mezze platters.

Jones the Grocer

Located 6.5 km away from Dubai Garden Glow, Jones the Grocer is a gourmet food emporium and café. You can enjoy a range of international dishes, artisanal cheeses, and freshly brewed coffee at this restaurant located in the Dubai Mall for an artistic delight as well. 

Nido Tapas Restaurant & Bar Dubai

A relishing restaurant located inside Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai is located 1.6km away from Dubai Garden Glow. You can enjoy the Latin-based cocktails, local Spanish wines or artistically plated Gambas Chorizo for a savouring delight.

Famous Attractions Nearby Garden Glow Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Visit the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa which is 828 metres long near Garden Glow. Enjoy breathtaking views from the observation deck and witness the stunning Dubai skyline.

Dubai Mall

Explore the renowned Dubai Mall, 5.9 km away from the Garden Glow which can be travelled in 10 minutes. Shop at luxury boutiques, indulge in culinary delights, and visit attractions like Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

Dubai Fountain

Located 5.6 km away from the attraction, Glow Garden offers a close proximity to admire the mesmerising Dubai Fountain show. Enjoy the synchronised water dance set to music and stunning visuals, creating a captivating spectacle.

Dubai Museum

Immerse yourself in Dubai's history at Dubai Museum, which is 5.7 km via Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St/D88 route from Dubai Garden Glow. You can explore the traditional Arabian architecture and numerous artefacts through its galleries and zones to know the city's heritage.

Dubai Frame

Visit the iconic Dubai Frame, located just 2.5 km from Garden Glow. Delight in the awe-inspiring, sweeping vistas of the city from the observation deck while gaining insights into Dubai's vibrant history and future. Immerse yourself in the exhibitions housed within the Dubai Frame, offering a wealth of engaging displays. Don't miss out on the Dubai Frame ticket price offers that provide an opportunity for an enriched experience.

Stay Options near Garden Glow Dubai


Enjoy a modern and stylish stay at Rove Downtown, a hotel conveniently located near Garden Glow. Experience comfortable rooms, a rooftop pool, and proximity to popular attractions like Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, in addition to the greatest attractions of the city.

Swissotel Al Murooj

Stay in luxury at Swissotel Al Murooj Hotel, situated close to Garden Glow. Indulge in spacious rooms, lush gardens, and excellent amenities including multiple dining options and a pool.

Vida Downtown

Immerse in the contemporary elegance at Vida Downtown, a boutique hotel near Garden Glow. Experience chic rooms, suites, a poolside terrace, with breathtaking views of the beaches to enjoy the heartiest stays in the city. Indulge in wellness options by pampering yourself at the comfiest Spas for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates Hotel

Stay in luxury and convenience at Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates Hotel, located near Garden Glow. Enjoy sophisticated rooms, direct access to the mall, and stunning views of Dubai's skyline.

Grand Hyatt Dubai

Indulge in luxury and tranquillity at Grand Hyatt Dubai, a 5 star property which offers panoramic views of the iconic city’s Skyline/Creek. With several award-winning restaurants, the property is one of the best options to choose your stay near Dubai’s Garden Glow. Experience spacious rooms, a lush garden oasis, and a range of dining options in this iconic hotel.

FAQ's About Garden Glow Dubai

How do I get to Dubai Garden Glow?

Dubai Garden Glow is located in the Zabeel Park near gate number 6 & 7. The nearest metro station to this popular tourist attraction is Al Jafiliya Station. Once you have arrived at the metro station you can either walk for around 15 minutes or board a cab.

How long does it take to explore Dubai Garden Glow?

The different shows and parks at the garden would consume around 2 to 4 hours. However, if you wish to stay a little longer, you can stroll through the park as per your convenience.

Is outside food allowed inside Dubai Garden Glow?

Please note that outside food and drinks are not allowed in Dubai Garden Glow. You need not carry any snacks as there are multiple shops and eateries in the premises selling delicious food at affordable rates. Before plan your visit to this location, You can also checkout the rules of Dubai Garden Glow .

What is the best time to visit Dubai garden glow?

The best season to visit Dubai Garden Glow is the winter season. The duration between the months of October to May are most suitable as you will witness the transition phase of the art gallery into a glowing land of lights.

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How to book Garden Glow Dubai tickets online?

Booking your Dubai Garden Glow tickets has been easier with our user-friendly website interface. Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience, 24/7 assistance making it perfect choice for booking your attraction tickets, including the mesmerizing Dinosaur Park. By choosing our platform, you not only gain access to convenient solutions but also unlock the opportunity to enjoy fantastic deals and discounts on Glow Garden ticket prices. Take advantage of our services to immerse yourself in a world of wonder, all while saving on your Dinosaur Park Dubai entry fees.

How much does it cost to go to the Dubai Garden Glow?

The Dubai Garden Glow ticket price is around AED 65 - 85 for all adults, and AED 40 - 65, for children between the ages of 3 and 12. Though children under the age of 3 can enter the attraction absolutely free of cost to explore the numerous theme parks of the attraction.

Is Dubai Garden Glow suitable for children?

Yes, Dubai Garden Glow is a family-friendly attraction that is suitable for children. The colourful light displays, interactive exhibits, and entertainment options, such as the stage shows, carnival games, and food stalls, are all designed to appeal to the younger adults. The attraction also has a dedicated Kids Zone, which features a variety of rides and activities specifically catering towards young children.

Is photography allowed at Dubai Garden Glow?

Yes, photography is allowed inside Dubai Garden Glow. In fact, the attraction offers numerous photo opportunities with its vibrant light displays and sculptures. However, tripods and professional photography equipment are not allowed without prior permission from the management.

What is included in a Dubai Garden Glow ticket?

A ticket to Dubai Garden Glow offers an admission to the numerous theme parks along with its exclusive attractions. You can admire the numerous artworks, installations and exhibitions at all different 5 zones of the park namely Glow Park, Magic Park, Dinosaur Park and Art Park.

Is visiting the Glow Garden Dubai worth it?

Yes, visiting the Glow Garden Dubai is worth it. With its many interesting and unique attractions like 500 nature-inspired installations, 25 stunning visual art illusions and seasonal attractions spread across 5 different zones of the park. Some of the interesting parks of the garden are Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, Ice Park, Magic and Art.

Which are the major attractions to visit in Dubai Garden Glow?

Glow Park- Fabricated with thousands of handmade and energy saving bulbs, you can admire the magnificent displays and installations. 

Dinosaur Park- Enter the largest Dinosaur park, with prehistoric creatures that roar and attract to keep the kids thrilled and entertained. With your Glow Garden ticket price, you can witness Jurrasic, Cretaceous and Triassic era creatures in the park. 

Ice Park- Be mesmerised by the amazing craftsmanship that depicts the wild animals in the snowy landscape. As per the rules, the attraction is under maintenance, hence cannot be enjoyed. 

Art Park- The sustainable zone of Art Park, is one of the significant Dubai Garden Glow offerings created with tiny recyclable stuff like bottles, ceramic displays, CDs and more. You can admire the ‘colour of life’ or Happiness Notes that represent the different and uplifting values of the society.   

Magic Park- Explore the surprises of the magics through 25 fun exhibits and 3D artworks depicting the art of science. You can get hypnotised or mesmerised by the geometrical formations, shapes and other optical illusions throughout the Magic park. 

How far is Dubai Garden Glow from the airport?

Dubai Garden Glow is at a distance of 9 km from Dubai International Airport which takes a 10 minute drive from the attraction. You can also get to the Garden Glow via Metro and Bus to explore and admire the various displays of this unusual themed park.

Are there any dining options available in Dubai Garden Glow?

Yes, there are many dining options available inside Dubai Garden Glow. You can relish the scrumptious meals at the various eatery points from fast foods to authentic traditional food. These food courts are stalled at various spots in the garden.

Are there any restaurants inside Dubai Garden Glow?

No, there are no specific restaurants within the park premises, but you can find a variety of food courts offering a range of options to satisfy your cravings. From fast food favourites to authentic traditional Arabic street-style cuisine, these food courts cater to diverse culinary preferences.

Do we need to book in advance for Dubai Garden Glow tickets?

Yes, you can book your Dubai Garden Glow tickets online in advance to get an assured entry at your preferred time. Though it is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended because of the discount offers attached via the advance booking in addition to the convenience and skipping of long queues.

What is the minimum age required to book Dubai Garden Glow tickets?

The minimum age to book the Dubai Garden Glow tickets is 3 years and above. Though the children between the age of 3 to 12 years will get some price cut on their child price ticket, after showing an ID proof.

Are there any interactive exhibits at Dubai Garden Glow?

Yes, there are numerous interactive exhibits displayed at the Dubai Garden Glow. Some of these interesting and unique exhibits include the moving and roaring animatronic dinosaurs, the scientific and artistic installations in the Art Park in addition to the events and carnivals of the Glow Garden.

Is Dubai Garden Glow environmentally friendly?

Yes, Dubai Garden Glow is environmentally friendly and also promotes sustainability and eco friendly lifestyle. The park uses energy-saving light bulbs and recycled fabrics to create its attractions and sculptures, in addition there are numerous other attractions as well, which promotes the organic style of living. Hence, you can learn numerous environmental practices and techniques on your single visit through your Dubai Garden Glow tickets prices.

What are the main attractions at Dubai Garden Glow?

Some of the main attractions with your Dubai Garden Glow tickets are its five distinct gardens inside the main attraction like Dinosaur Park, Art Park, Glow Park, Ice Park, and Magic Park. You can explore over 500 stunning sculptures and installations created using energy-saving light bulbs and recycled materials. In addition, you can also groove through the live performances, carnivals and events held inside the park from time to time. Savour in the local delicacies at the kiosks and food stalls, to have the best time with your loved ones. You can educate and entertain yourself and your loved ones at numerous offerings of Dubai Garden Glow.

What is the ticket price for Ice Park Dubai?

The ice park Dubai ticket price is AED 40. Experience the magic of this frozen wonderland as you stroll through its captivating displays and immerse yourself in a unique sub-zero adventure.


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