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At Garden glow Dubai, the magic park is where you can explore numerous mind-blowing optical illusions made through geometric shapes and visual art. Enter the room where everything appears upside down. Or sit in the mouth of a dinosaur with no risk of harming yourself. You may be curious about what it will be like to stew in a sorceress cauldron while staying unharmed. Everything in the magic park Dubai Garden Glow is an optical illusion for you, but with a promise to make your visit exciting with various unique experiences. Keep your cameras ready and prepare to click happy while discovering the wonders of the magic park.

Upside Down Room

The Upside Down Room in Magic Park Dubai is one of the most interesting places to visit. You might want to be on your toes at all times, as everything in this room is topsy-turvy. Enter the room and find your mind swirling as the entire universe seems to get inverted. There are different rooms set up to give you a full-fledged experience of this amazing attraction. The rooms are arranged normally, like that of dining rooms and office cabins, so that you can really participate in the illusion. Witness art and creativity in its highest potential as it successfully appears to nullify the laws of gravity.


It is yet another place inside the Magic Park Dubai which is capable of blowing your mind. Indulge yourself in the colourful world of infinite patterns and designs inside this room of Kaleidoscope. Remember to take snaps of this very picturesque room where every second gives you the feeling of being in a different world. Dance your way through these enchanting lines and shapes as they keep shifting before you, making every step of your tour an interesting one.

Magical Forest

Find yourself surrounded by realistic models of wild animals that truly give you the feeling of being in a forest. The only difference is, these animals are harmless and quite friendly. You can play hide and seek with your kids, going around and about huge elephants and lions. The magic here lies in the ambience and the dense forest creations that represent the sheer brilliance of the park. Find yourself in a maze of trees and look at the cooing birds as they fly over you just like in a dream in this truly magical forest in Dubai Magic Park.

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Immerse Yourself in Dubai Garden Glow's Enchanting Magic Park

The Magic Park at Dubai Garden Glow is a realm of wonder and illusion that sparks imagination and awe. Nestled within the larger attraction, this enchanting park invites visitors to experience a world where reality blurs with the fantastical.

As you step into the Magic Park, you'll be greeted by a mesmerizing array of optical tricks, interactive exhibits, and mind-bending illusions. From defying gravity to changing the size of objects, every corner presents an opportunity to challenge your perception and engage your senses.

The park's vibrant displays and captivating installations encourage hands-on exploration, making it a perfect destination for families and curious minds of all ages. Witness art come to life, become part of extraordinary scenes, and embrace the sense of magic that permeates every corner. The Magic Park at Dubai Garden Glow redefines reality, leaving you with unforgettable memories of a world where the impossible becomes possible.

Other Attractions at Garden Glow Dubai

Glow Park

The Glow Park in the Garden Glow, Dubai, is composed of stunning installations decorated with handmade lights and fabrics. The light installed follows a unique and environmentally friendly model that allows for artfully constructed installations in a preview of eco-friendly guidelines. You can watch the penguins and musical ants’ mid-rehearsal welcoming you in while lit with gorgeous lights. Tourists can also spot glowing insects and flowers to take photos with.

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Dinosaur Park

Dubai’s Dinosaur Park at Glow Garden is a beautiful destination to visit with kids. The park is a perfect location for dinosaur enthusiasts who want to explore more of these glorious ancient beasts. These magnificent installations in Dubai will thrill you beyond measure. At the fantastic dinosaur park, witness the creatures from three periods in Earth’s history, i.e., the Cretaceous ages, The Jurassic age and the Triassic age. With more than 120 animatronic dinosaurs on display, your families will have a marvellous time gazing at these lifelike creations, which roar and move as if they are alive.

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Ice Park

The ice park at garden glow is a splendid showcase of artistic skills and supreme craftsmanship. This area of the garden glow park is home to scaled-down ice installation reflecting the beauty of wildlife and art. These magnificent wild animals are carved in ice. Soon after entering the ice park, you will be transported to a wonderland of winters. You will surely relive all your movie dreams of Disney as you explore majestically lit-up creatures constructed in pearly white ice.

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Art Park

Garden Glow Art park is quite different from others as it is not only a visually appealing destination but also a unique platform which allows wide-scale representation & recognition for artists to reflect their talents at the art park of Dubai’s Garden glow. You need to lose your imagination to explore these marvellous creations. The creations at the art park reflect values of modern scope through powerful messages and eco-friendly materials.

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FAQ's of Magic Park Dubai

What is the Magic Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

Magic Park of garden glow Dubai embraces science and art with 3D artworks and 25 fun exhibits which are meant to surprise you. The park is a world of mesmerising optical illusions utilised in visual arts. The unique art at magic park uses geometric forms to create hypnotic optical effects.

Where is Magic Park in Dubai?

Magic Park in Dubai is an attraction of garden glow located at ‘27 21a St - Za'abeel - Zabeel 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.’

Does Dubai Garden Glow have a Magic Park?

Yes, Dubai Garden glow has a fantastic magic park which creates entrancing optical illusions and effects via unique geometric forms. The park has various exciting visual arts that focus on creating illusions. What the mind comprehends and what the eye perceives can be excitingly different. The park’s psychedelic display and beautiful installations with music and light will take you to a whimsical world.

What are your experiences in the Magic Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

Magic Park of garden glow in Dubai presents a world of mesmerising optical illusions utilised in visual arts. It is a unique art form which uses geometric shapes to create hypnotic optical effects. The magic park creates a mysterious relationship between what our eyes are capable of seeing and what the human brain understands. This magical place will surprise and inspire the imagination of everyone to run along with photo-worthy content across various categories. Overall, this park creates a world of sensual, visual and educational adventure.

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How can I get access to the Magic Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

To enter the magic park, first, you need to visit the garden glow, and then you have to buy a separate ticket for the magic park. After that, only you can access the magic park.

Does my Garden Glow ticket provide access to Magic Park?

A Garden glow ticket will not permit you to visit the Magic Park. To see the park, you have to purchase a different ticket.

What are the opening timings of Magic Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

Dubai garden glow opening time:

  • Sunday to Friday: 5 PM to 11 PM
  • Saturday and National Holidays: 5 PM to 12 Midnight

Is it worth exploring the Magic Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

To experience the unique form of art and culture, every person visiting garden glow should visit the magic park. The park can take you to a unique mesmerising world.

What are some of the other experiences at Dubai Garden Glow?

Dubai garden glow is perfect to be the next wonder for the tourists. The park welcomes every guest with a promise to capture a massive share of memories. Here you can enjoy the theme of beauty in the environment-friendly creative world.


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