Dubai Garden Glow FAQs

Is it possible to purchase Dubai Garden Glow tickets online?

Yes, it is possible to purchase the Dubai Garden Glow tickets online well in advance. On the contrary, it is highly recommended as well, so as to avail numerous deals, discounts and offers on ticket prices. Online tickets through our website allow you to skip the queue and enter the attraction directly on your preferred date and time.

What is the price of a Dubai Garden Glow ticket?

The price of Dubai Garden Glow tickets ranges from AED 100 - 120. In addition, it also depends on the type of variant selected or the combo deals availed.

What does a Dubai Garden Glow ticket include?

A Dubai Garden Glow ticket includes entry to the 4 zonal parks of the attraction. You can admire the prehistoric creatures from 3 eras in Dinosaur park, admire sustainable and artistic exhibits at Art Park, immerse in optical illusions at Magic Park, or get fascinated with 10 million led projections through numerous installations at Glow Park.

Are there any dining options available at Dubai Garden Glow?

Yes, there are many dining options available at Dubai Garden Glow to keep you nourished and hydrated at all times. You can choose from various stalls and eateries serving delicious food.

What are the different attractions at Dubai Garden Glow?

Dubai Garden Glow offers various attractions such as Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, Ice Park, Magic Park, and Art Park, each with unique installations and exhibits. In addition, the theme park is designed with specific designs and aims like recycling, energy conservation and wildlife protection which you can find through its various exhibits and displays.

Where is Dubai Garden Glow located?

Dubai Garden Glow is located at Zabeel Park, Gate No-6 & 7 Area-B, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is 9.0 km away from the city centre of Deira via the E11 route, which you can easily cover by car in 11 minutes.

How much time should I allocate to explore Dubai Garden Glow?

It is recommended that you spend around 3 hours exploring Dubai Garden Glow to fully experience all the attractions and exhibits. Spread across the 5 theme parks, the main attraction offers many installations for your exciting day out.

How far is Dubai Garden Glow from the airport?

Dubai Garden Glow is located approximately 9 kilometres from the airport and can be reached by car or taxi within 10 minutes on an average via the E11 route.

What are the transportation options to reach Dubai Garden Glow?

You can reach Dubai Garden Glow using numerous public and private transport services as mentioned below.

  • By Bus: Take the bus no. 21, 27, 32C, 55, 88, X28 to reach the nearest station of World Trade Centre Hotel - 02, which is 1.6km away from the attraction. You can walk for 10 to 15 minutes to reach the destination. 
  • By Metro: Hop on the M1 metro line to reach the Al Jafiliya Metro Station, the nearest which is 1.2km away and can be travelled by walking in 15 - 20 minutes. 
  • By Car: Reach the city centre of Deira, which is 9 km away from the attraction and hop on the E11 route to reach the Dubai Garden Glow in 10 minutes.

Is there a specific dress code for visiting Dubai Garden Glow?

No, there is no specific dress code to visit the popular attraction but it is always advised to wear respectful clothes as per the customs and traditions of the city. The attraction authorities reserve all the rights to refuse admittance for revealing or inappropriate clothing.

Can visitors bring bicycles into Dubai Garden Glow?

No, you cannot bring bicycles, scooters, cars, hoverboards, and balls to the theme park as they are strictly prohibited for safety reasons. It is also advised to follow the park’s guidelines for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Are pets allowed inside Dubai Garden Glow?

No, animals and pets are not permitted inside Dubai Garden Glow for safety and hygiene reasons. You should make necessary arrangements for your pets before visiting the park.

Can visitors bring outside food and drinks to Dubai Garden Glow?

No, outside food and drinks are not allowed inside Dubai Garden Glow. However, the park has several food and beverage options available for you to purchase during your visit.

Can visitors smoke inside Dubai Garden Glow?

No, smoking is strictly prohibited inside Dubai Garden Glow for the safety and comfort of all guests. You should respect the designated non-smoking areas within the park.

Is photography allowed inside Dubai Garden Glow?

Yes, you are allowed to take photos inside Dubai Garden Glow for personal use. However, professional shoots, such as engagements, weddings, modelling, TV ads, and other events, require prior approval from the park management's office.

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What is the best time to visit Dubai Garden Glow?

The best time to visit Dubai Garden Glow is from October to May, during Dubai's cooler winter months. Ideal visits are in the evenings, especially around 05:30 p.m., to witness the garden's transformation from day to night. Weekdays offer a peaceful atmosphere, while weekends are more vibrant but crowded.

Is Glow Garden worth visiting?

Yes, Dubai Garden Glow is absolutely worth visiting due to its unique blend of art, nature, and technology which showcases the world's largest glow-in-the-dark garden. With eco-friendly installations, captivating dinosaur and ice parks, and nightly transformations, it offers a magical experience for all ages, blending education, entertainment, and environmental awareness.

What is Magic Park in Garden Glow?

Dubai Garden Glow's Magic Park offers an adventure through optical illusions and visual wonders. Here, you can experience the thrill of environments that defy normal perceptions, such as an upside-down room or safely sitting in a dinosaur's mouth. Engaging and interactive, this park entices visitors to explore its unique installations, perfect for capturing memorable photos. It is a whimsical journey where art and illusion blend, adding another layer of enchantment to the Garden Glow experience.

What are the timings for Dubai Garden Glow?

Dubai Garden Glow operates from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Sundays to Fridays, providing ample evening time to explore its wonders. On Saturdays and National Holidays, the garden extends its hours, welcoming visitors from 5:00 p.m. until midnight, allowing for an extra hour of enjoyment.

Is it necessary to book Dubai Garden Glow tickets in advance?

Booking tickets in advance for Dubai Garden Glow is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Advance booking ensures a smoother entry experience, avoiding potential long queues at the ticket counters. It also helps in planning your visit better, particularly during peak times or special events, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Should I book Dubai Garden Glow tickets in advance?

Yes, it is highly recommended to book Dubai Garden Glow tickets in advance. This proactive approach guarantees your entry, especially during peak seasons or special events. Pre-booking not only streamlines your visit by avoiding long queues at the ticket counters but also allows for better planning, ensuring a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.


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