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Garden Glow Dubai Art Park

The world’s largest themed park is nested in Zabeel Park in Dubai and is named Garden Glow Dubai. One exceptional zone to witness here is the Art Park, where creativity meets technological brilliance. Explore the diverse themes at this park ranging from domes made of recycled products to animal figures made with LED lights. Marvel at the wide range of glowing and moving art models stationed at this park. In some areas of this park, you can also experience audio sounds that make your tour more interactive. Take a thorough look at the exhibitions and artistic frameworks that are so beautifully crafted and maintained, that they will make a permanent spot in your heart and mind. Elevate your experience by taking a stroll around this park with a camera in your hand to take pictures easily. These fabulous art installations will make you feel like recording the entire journey as well.

What to Expect at Art Park Dubai

Dubai Garden Glow is a fantastic hangout for families and friends in Dubai. The art park Dubai stands out with its holistic and visually captivating experience. It binds values, beliefs, happiness, and identity hues, creating a colorful and charming world. Tourists witness imagination in various forms through light-infested models of flora, fauna, and iconic structures like Burj Khalifa, all crafted from recyclable objects. The larger-than-life models made from porcelain, plastic dishes, CDs, bottles, etc., reinforce magnificence and emphasize wildlife preservation.

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Dubai Garden Glow's Mesmerizing Art Park

Dubai's Garden Glow Art Park Delights

The Dubai Glow Park can stun anybody who sets foot on its premises. This massive park consists of several zones that can set the pulse for people of all ages. Starting from the Dinosaur Park to the Glow Park, to the Magic Park and Art Park, this destination indulges you in the beauty of art and creativity. Tour the entire place, especially the Art park where the huge installations can steal your breath away. Stare at the clever arrangement and genius making of the Art Park where artists and art enthusiasts can immerse themselves in, and learn from the unconventional experience it provides.

Other Attractions at Garden Glow Dubai

Glow Park

Dubai, the symbol of humongous growth, business, and technology, is also one of the most sought-after places for travelers to discover. The Garden Glow is an obvious choice everyone should make while in Dubai. The Glow Park in the Dubai Garden Glow consists of ornamentations and adornments decorations and embellishments made of fabrics and handmade lights. What will blow your mind is the eco-friendly model followed here. All the light installations have been made after meticulous planning to pursue eco-friendly guidelines. Don't miss out on the musical ants mid-rehearsal and the fun penguins out there welcoming you with the glow of charging lights.

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Dinosaur Park

Kids and adults alike, Dinosaur park at the Dubai Garden Glow is a destination you must visit. If you and your family are lovers of these mammoth creatures, head to the Dinosaur Park to get a look and get educated about these ancient pride of species. The installations at the park are thrilling beyond imagination and make you electrified by the journey ahead. The massive creatures on display are showcased from three periods in mankind’s history - the Triassic, the Jurassic, and the Cretaceous ages. With more than 120 Animatronic creatures on display, this zone is a must-visit on your visit.

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Ice Park

An assortment of excellent craftsmanship and artistic supremacy, the Ice Park has some amazing cutouts and sculpted ice installations that depict the world of art and wildlife. The animals are perceived as beautiful creatures and erected beautifully in ice. The Winter universe will traverse your thoughts to a heavenly experience as you gaze up the gigantic lit creatures made of white ice and all of this preserved in the middle of the Arabain desert.

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Magic Park

From time immemorial, we have always been pumped up with magic and the wizardry behind it. We are always amazed by the sheer brilliance of artists performing their fantasy-laden illusions. Magic Park of Garden Glow Dubai presents an ideal way to explore galvanic optical illusions created with visual art and graphic designs. You enter this zone and look at yourself upside down, laughing your way to the next zone. You can see yourself sitting in a dinosaur's mouth without being wounded. You might feel curious about how the entire thing functions, but this is cloud 9 in the world of illusions. A place where your cameras can do wonders to create fun memories and a trigger to the zenith of happiness.

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FAQ's of Art Park Dubai

What is the Art Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

It is a unique platform in the Dubai Garden Glow that displays the uniqueness and imaginations of diverse artists and their work. The eco-friendly park is a meld of happiness, beliefs, cultural values, and ancient identities creating a holistic experience of what we call the celebration of life.

Where is the Art Park Dubai?

This whimsical wildlife and animal display is located at Zabeel Park, Gate No- 6 & 7 Area - B - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

Does Dubai Garden Glow have an Art Park?

Yes, Art Park is a part of the Dubai Garden Glow.

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What are the experiences in the Art Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

The Art Park is an intricately woven world created with recyclable products like bottles and CDs. More than 5,00,000 recyclable items are assembled to create art forms that will blow your mind. Visitor experiences nothing but a marvel when they see replicas of trees, birds, and even monumental structures like the Burj Khalifa, which proves to be an amazing wonder you envision.

How can I access the Art Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

The Dubai Garden Glow has 5 entertainment parks, out of which the Art Park is hugely popular and can be accessed from the Dubai Garden Glow. The Garden glow can be reached from the Dubai International Airport Terminal 3. This will take you to Al Jafiliya Metro Station on the red line. After you reach the destination, you can reach entrance gate 6 or 7 from Al Jafiliya by cab or walk. Public transport is well connected, and 32c runs from Airport.

Does my Garden Glow ticket provide access to Art Park?

Yes, the Garden Glow ticket will also provide access to the Art Park. The Dubai garden glow ticket cost 65 AED per person, inclusive of a 5% VAT.

What are the opening timings of Art Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

Dubai garden glow time:

Sunday to Friday 5:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M, Saturday and National Holidays 5:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M.

Is it worth exploring the Art Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

Of course, this is an unmissable experience.

What are some of the other experiences at Dubai Garden Glow?

The Dubai Garden Glow has several experiences packed together for a wholesome experience. It consists of the Art Park, Dinosaur Park, Ice park, and Magic Park. But apart from these must-do rounds, the Garden boasts several other experiences like magical lights, Happiness Street Happy Forest, a Colorful world, and much more.

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What is Dinosaur Park at Dubai Garden Glow?

It is one of the largest dinosaur-themed parks that display an assortment of about 100 animatronics Dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are installed in a Jurassic Park-themed style, and the technology behind their making enables them to breathe, snap and growl, making them a virtually real experience. The Dino Lab also is an informative session for kids that showcases the life of dinosaurs from existence to extinction.


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